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We are a first-year Cadette troop, located in Southern Maryland. We have eleven girls and five advisors in our troop and we belong to Girl Scout Council of the Nations Capital.

We have 11 girls in our troop: Courtney; Caitlyn; Emily; Nicole; Tara; Maria; Mary; Niki; Stacey; Jessica; and Cole.Three of us are 6th graders who bridged to Cadettes a year early; seven of us are 7th graders, and one of us is in the 8th grade. Two of our members are home-schooled. We have five advisors: Miss Terie; Miss Charlotte, Miss Martha, Miss Renee' and Miss Kris.

We have such a busy year planned! The most exciting adventure we have planned is a trip to Savannah, GA -- which we will take this October. We're pretty busy doing lots of fund-raisers to earn the money for this once-in-a-lifetime trip! But, since we have almost a year before we go, we are looking forward to a lot of other trips, service projects and adventures in the coming months. For a look at our calendar, click on the buttons below!



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